P360SD Mover (2268kg)


    • Towing capacity up to 2268kgs & now includes ISC®
    • Used to move camper trailers, tradie trailers, smaller-mid sized caravans & boat trailers
    • Free wheel/neutral mode
    • Volt Meter - to measure & display power level of battery
    • Strong, yet lightweight compact design (around 33kg). Removable handle - take anywhere!
    • Circuit breakers - to protect motor & Smart Brake from power surges
    • Travelling speed 11m/min (a little slower under heavy load)
    • Two 4" pneumatic rubber tyres (unless upgrading your tyres)    


    What makes the Parkit360SD so effective is the list of available upgrades. This allows us to build a mover to suit your specific requirements - ensuring it works!!

    There are 3 available upgrades:

    1. 6.5" wide Rim & Tyres - For added stability & traction, upgrade the tyres to our 6.5" Wide Track, Intermediate or All TerrainTyres - depending on your circumstances (please select below for more information)
    2. Smart Electronic Brake Control Module - As soon as you release the forward/reverse button, the Parkit360 will turn on the trailers electric brakes. Great safety feature if you have electronic brakes on your trailer! (please select below for more information)
    3. Builit-In Battery Charger - Charger is fully integrated & concealed within the unit. Simply plug into wall socket to automatically condition & maintain your battery (please select below for more information)


    1) Select model (P360SD) - then add to cart

    2) Select, one at a time, any or all of the 3 upgrades - then add to cart

    3) At checkout, once you enter your details, a flat $150 shipping fee will be added. Then you can pay & complete your purchase. We will call you within the next 2-3 days to confirm everything and then arrange shipping. 


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