The Benefits of Owning a Caravan Mover

The Benefits of Owning a Caravan Mover

So you have decided to buy a caravan and travel around Australia. The dream of traveling to remote beautiful places around Australia can very quickly become a nightmare once you discover the car cannot be used to park the caravan at home. Even if you are able to store the caravan at home using your car, it might be so hard and require so much effort you are reluctant to take it out and enjoy it.

Over the years I have heard many stories of heated arguments between couples and damage to property, such as the eaves of the home. In such cases having an electronic caravan mover, can, in most cases solve these problems.

Yes, you may only need your caravan mover to move your caravan half a dozen times a year, but if the mover allows you to enjoy it, then it is an investment worthwhile.

The Feeling of Independence

The other benefit of owning an electric caravan mover is your feeling of independence, in that you no longer have to depend on friends or family to help you park. And possibly, more importantly, will stop back aches from all the manual pushing and pulling.

Look Like a Pro!

Want to look like a pro, parking your caravan in tight caravan parks – a motorised caravan mover can also help. They tend to be relatively lightweight and compact, allowing you to take it with you on your travels. No more embarrassing moments if you end up wanting to park in a tight caravan park in front of onlookers!

Protects Against Theft

Another factor to consider is theft. This is where a caravan mover can also help. Having a motorised device to help you park your caravan on such an angle or even pulling it into your property, will help protect your investment.

This is because a thief will typically want to hook up their vehicle and just take off, quickly before anyone has time to respond. The longer it takes a theft to steal your prized belonging the more likely is that they will look elsewhere for an easier target.

Factors to Consider

Things to Consider When Buying a Caravan Mover

There are three things to consider when looking to buy a caravan mover. All three are critical because you are wanting to use a device that weighs only a fraction of the weight of a typical car, to move two-three tons.

It’s important therefore to choose a caravan mover that has the required power, traction and will move your caravan in a controlled safe manner.

Torque Power

In relation to power it is important to remember, additional grunt will be required when travelling over grass/gravel because of the drag. Pushing or pulling on an incline will also require plenty of power for obvious reasons. Have a tandem axle caravan?  Then turning your caravan will also require more from the caravan mover.

When turning a dual axle trailer you are effectively asking the mover to drag the four tyres into position.

Traction and Grip

Secondly, grip or traction is critical to successfully using a caravan mover to move your caravan. There’s no point in having the most powerful mover on the market, if the wheel(s) sit and spin on the spot. This is where having the appropriate tyres, for the conditions, is critical.

Factors to consider are the width, compound and tread pattern of the tyre. Obviously pneumatic tyres, like the tyres on your car, will tend to give you significantly more grip compared to skinny, plastic tyres.


Last but not least is the element of safety. Not only to you and people around you, but also to your caravan and property belonging to others. Ideally you would like to connect the caravan mover and have it more your caravan in a nice controlled safe manner.

Here the braking system and grip of the mover is critical. There are however circumstances where this is not enough and having the ability of the mover to communicate with the electric brakes on caravan can be the difference between a successful move and a runaway caravan.

Ideally when moving the brakes of the caravan are turned off, and as soon as you wish to stop, the mover sends a signal to the caravan and the brakes are turned on. Now you can be sure you remain in control.

So you have decided to invest in a mover, so which one?

Parkit360 Australia has been selling Parkit360 products to Aussies for over 10 years now. The Parkit360 is made in Canada and is shipped all over the world. In fact over 13,000 units have been sold worldwide since 2009. It comes with a two year warranty. There are three models to choose from, as well as a number of accessories, which allows us to tailor a unit to suit your needs. Our caravan movers are designed to work on both single or tandem axle caravans.

Our two base models are distinguished primarily in relation to their load rating. The Force2K-ISC has a capacity of 2268 kg, whilst our ever popular Force4K-ISC has rating of 4535 kg. Whilst our Force4KGT-ISC sits on top, loaded with all the options, including tyres, brakes, built-in battery charger, battery (low profile) and custom battery tray. 

Once you have selected which Parkit360 model best suits your needs, its then time to consider how are you going to power it. Each Parkit360 comes standard with a Power Cable (allows you to power the mover from the batteries on your van), or battery box (with the customer supplying a car size 12V battery, ideally - deep cycle). Also standard is the 50mm Ball Kit or the Frame Adapter (for use with caravans with an off-road hitch).

There are three upgrades available for the Parkit360. The first is the choice of wider tyres with different tread patterns. Our wider 6.5” Wide Track Tyres provide for additional grip over concrete, pavers and bitumen. They also came in handy when wanting to turn harder a larger dual axle caravan. Our 6.5” All Terrain Tyres are a softer compound tyre with tractor type tread pattern designed for added grip on grass and gravel.

Another option is our Smart Electronic Brake Controller which, when fitted, allows the Parkit360 to communicate with the electric brakes on your caravan, which is great when operating on inclines and declines.

Now you should be in a better position to make an informed decision in relation to how a caravan mover, like a Parkit360, can help you enjoy your caravanning. If you would like more information on the Parkit360 product please call 0411 308093.