Customer Reviews

"Got one for my van, use it all  the time around the yard. Love it!!!" - Ron (WA)

"Great piece of gear I have one wouldn't be without it" - Phil (VIC)

"Ëvening Frank - I do like the way you stay in contact as it gives me confidence in spending such a large amount of money on an item I have never tryed or given it a test - run.." - Steve (VIC)

"Love ours" - Jo (SA)

"We have one, saves a lot of arguments, works great, very happy with it" - Jacque (Vic)

"Last night after work I drove to Templestowe to collect our new toy ... using the Parkit360 ... moved the trailer by myself into its carport with 20mm to spare! Woohoo! Nailed it! ... Thanks Frank it JUST fitted!" - Rodney (VIC) 

"We have one. We have to negotiate a cul de sac, a electricity pole, and a tired cranky driver" - Jo (QLD).

"Have one and it is great" - Glenn (NSW)

"This is a fantastic tool, my brother in law bought one & got it shipped to QLD" - Katie (WA)

"I purchased a Parkit360 a few months back... all I can say now is that its one of the best business investments I have made. Makes moving the trailers a breeze. No more sore backs or lugging the trailer around. I highly recommend the purchase to make life easy" - Mark (VIC)

"I already have one love it" - Rodney 

"Parking the new caravan is stress free with our Parkit360 mover" - Lindy

 “I have a Parkit360 and would suggest that it actually works better than most may think....I move my 3380kg caravan and ...2000kg tandem boat trailer that I move across very deep Sir Walter grass and it moves it without any slippage at all for over 40 meters and makes 3 very tight 90 degree turns” - Fred K

“I have a Parkit360 .... with the all terrain tyre option and it easily moves our 23’6” Traveller which weighs 3380kg. Its a bit slow but does it easily up a 9% slope on concrete... It can do a very tight 90 degree turn on asphalt and then up the hill in the driveway....I can thoroughly recommend it..” - Fred K

I got the Parkit360 for my father to move his 499 Avan (about 1800kg). Moves it easy. Dad manages it fine and he is 82. It uses the vans battery as power source via Anderson plug. Also has off-road tyres and the brake control (an absolute necessity). Dad didn’t want something permanently attached to the van and the Parkit seemed the best of the “attachable” van movers.” - Briar

“Dad’s backyard where he moves his van with the Parkit360 is in the Blue Mountains. Definately not a flat surface, however, all he has to do is turn van around and move it backwards down the slope. Not sure of the % slope (I’d guess about a 7% slope). Because his backyard is soft soil it tends to dig in, but as far as holding the van there is absolutely no problem with the brake option as a switch on the Parkit360 activates the van brakes and holds it solid so no chance of running away. However, even when reversing the van down Dad’s backyard, the Parkit360 alone holds the van with no tendancy to “run-away”. Using the Electric Brake option just gives it more security whilst chocking the wheels when disconnecting the Parkit360” - Briar

 “We have the Parkit360...We also chose the wide tires, brake controller and battery box. The brake controller wasn’t really required for our application but highly recommended if there is a significant slope. It has worked perfectly for us and means we can store it in our yard and still have access to the door. As we pull it in with the Parkit360, it means that an added benefit is security....We do like it and are happy we have it. The wide tyres help as it is pulled through course gravel.” - Don & Bea.

“The unit is well made, not mil spec, but very logical and no cheesy parts... works as described and I’m happy with the performance. There’s no way I could park the trailer in this spot without the dolly, so I love it....I mentioned we have a slight grade to the driveway and it increases the further down the driveway you get from the house. The Parkit360 had no problem with this. My only goof up was that I stopped to take a look at where the rear of the trailer was, so I set the brake. When I got back on the unit I started again without releasing the brakes (powers the trailer brakes)... it didn’t like that., but it tried really hard to move that trailer with the brakes on...Check, brake control works... really good!” - RB