About US

About Frank Gavralas

I have been selling the Parkit360, direct to the public, throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 11 years. Over this time I have helped many customers find solutions to moving their caravan or boat trailer. The conversation is usually pretty laid back, friendly and there is no pressure to buy. Whether the customer is ready to purchase or just doing some planning – I’m happy to have a chat!

Providing excellent customer service is very important to me, so whether you are a potential buyer or an existing customer, your call or email will be answered promptly.

You are also welcome to call between 8.30am to 8.30pm (Melbourne time) or on the weekend - now that's customer service!


About Parkit360

What is Parkit360?

Well in short it is one of the worlds finest, lightest and most compact power mover systems for trailers. We make moving your trailer a smooth and enjoyable process.

Why choose the Parkit360?

  • The Parkit360 can be powered by the battery on your trailer (via our Power Cable Adapter) or place almost any 12 volt battery into our battery box and your ready to go. The Force 4KGT-ISC includes battery & battery tray.
  • Parkit360 power dollies pull and push almost any sized trailer with ease, allowing you to confidently navigate into the tightest of spaces. Our battery operated dolly is a dream to operate and is so compact that it can fit in the back of a Mini Cooper.
  • Parkit360 Stablelock technology let you mount almost any trailer to your power dolly and quickly lock it into place safely and securely. The ball mount technology means that our power dollies are compatible with almost every trailer right out of the box.
  • Connecting to off road trailers/caravans is no problem – simply use our Telescopic Hitch Adapter.
  • Works on single or tandem axle boat trailers/caravans, weighing up to 4535kg.
  • All Parkit360 trailer dollies come with free wheel option included. This very essential option is a must for any motorized trailer mover! The free wheel option enables you to disengage the Parkit360's transmission (like neutral gear on a car). Without the free wheel option you would be limited to your own strength while wrestling the trailer dolly to your trailer.
  • Parkit360 power dollies are made using super durable, North American materials and assembled in our Canadian manufacturing premises, by our highly trained staff. All power dollies are backed by our parts and labour warranty, so you can rest assured knowing your Parkit360 power dolly will always be there when you need it.
  • Park your trailer with ease on almost any terrain and maneuver tight corners like a pro. Parkit360 power dollies are specifically designed for a wide range of terrains and grades. Selecting some of our options allows you to further tailor your unit even more to your specific needs.

    Parkit360 is Perfect for:

    • When you would like to park with your trailer coupling in first & keep would be thieves from stealing your valuable caravan or boat trailer;
    • When its inconvenient to hook up your tow vehicle for a small manoeuvre;
    • When the desired location is cumbersome using a tow vehicle;
    • When you are parking your trailer by yourself;
    • When precision is required;
    • Price/performance advantage;
    • No more back strains!
    • No more arguments with a spouse who's right & who's left!
    • No more waiting for the neighbour to move their cars;.
    • Once connected properly Parkit360 does not tip, tilt or pivot during use;
    • Parkit360 has no idler wheels to rob traction. Parkit360 has all the tongue weight on the traction wheels;
    • Very simple construction and off the shelf parts for easy maintenance & repair;
    • 2 year warranty;
    • Designed to be used with an on-board battery or using the battery on the trailer.