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Electric Jockey Wheel

Why choose the Parkit360?

The Parkit360 is a fantastic tool to help you move your boat trailer or caravan around home or any other tight places.
It can move your trailer to places your car can't go!

Parkit360 has been producing quality trailer dollies for over 7 years! Made in Canada, using super durable, North American-made materials with high-quality assembly and 2 year warranty. Making it super reliable, virtually maintenance free with low running costs.

A big thanks to the 13,000 plus happy customers worldwide who have purchased a Parkit360.

Our dollies are ball-mounted using quick, safe & convenient Stablelock technology.

Connecting to off road trailers/caravans is no problem – simply use our Telescopic Frame Adapter (available in lieu of the 50mm Ball Kit or can be purchased seperately). 

There are three models to choose from and a number of accessories available. This allows us to tailor a unit to suit your needs.

Works on single or tandem axle boat trailers/caravans up to 6800kg.

Our rugged, lightweight & compact design allows for easy handling/storage. It even fits into the back of a Mini Cooper!

Our motor’s transmission allows for quick and easy “FREE WHEEL/NEUTRAL MODE.” Enabling the operator to manually push/pull the power dolly without the need to power up the motor or the need for rear caster wheels.

We offer fast shipping –with the goods shipped by TNT to your door – in most cases - within 7 business days from receipts of funds.

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What Model Is Right For Me?

To ensure the Parkit360 works & works well, we custom "set up" the Parkit360 to suit the specific requirements of each customer.
The three keys requirements we focus on are:

1) POWER - When negotiating an incline or turning dual axle trailers additional power is required. With our range of models, simply select the appropriate model to suit.

2) TRACTION - All our models come with Pneumatic Rubber Tyres, designed to give you superior levels of grip than say a solid plastic wheel. Drive is by solid axle driving both wheels.

Upgrade to our 6.5" Wide Track Tyres and traction goes to an even higher level. Nothing on the market place will come close!

And if your travelling over grass or gravel then choose our 6.5" All Terrain Tyres. Its a softer compound tyre, with a tractor type tread pattern designed to dig in and grip on softer surfaces.

3) SAFETY - Moving up an incline? Opt for our Smart Automatic Electronic Brake Control option - this allows the Parkit360 to turn on the electric brakes on your trailer. Providing you with a level of safety whilst operating the mover.

Not sure?  Give us a call and we'd be more than happy to have a chat about what you require. We'll help identify your needs and then recommend a particular model & "set up" to suit.


How to Order

Call us on 0411 308093 to place your "custom" order over the phone (payment by EFT or credit card).

Buy from our online store - choosing the model/package that suits (payment by EFT, credit card or Paypal).

Local customers are also welcome to pick up the unit and pay on pick up.

Inclusions & Options on P360SD/HD Models (for Australia only)

Standard Features

-Two 4" Pneumatic Rubber Tyres.

-White Battery Box (customer to supply Battery) OR Power Cable

-50mm Ball Kit OR Frame Adapter

Options (for more info please see the "Accessories" page)

-Two 6.5" Pneumatic Rubber Wide Track, Intermediate or All Terrain Tyres (in lieu of the 4" tyres)

-Smart Automatic Electronic Brake Control

-On-Board Battery Charger

-EZ Connect

Delivery (when buying on-line an additional $150 will be charged at checkout-which covers Australia Capital Cities and surrounding areas).

Watch a video of the

In Action