Cool Features

Easy Operation & Precise Parking

The Parkit360 is a fantastic tool to help you move your boat trailer or caravan around home or any other tight places.

It can move your trailer to places your car can't go!

Using a Parkit360 couldn't be easier. Our motor’s transmission allows for quick and easy “FREE WHEEL/NEUTRAL MODE.” Enabling the operator to manually push/pull the power dolly without the need to power up the motor or the need for rear caster wheels. After re-engaging the motor, connect the coupling, then use the forward/reverse toggle switch to steer.

The user faces the trailer while parking & can see where it is at all times-down to a fraction of an inch-something that's nearly impossible to accomplish with a vehicle. 

Intelligent Speed Control (ISC)

Switch between high & low speed anytime for faster or more precise parking. High speed is best for long distances, and the low speed option gives you careful control in tight spots.

Motor starts and stops gradually for better traction and a smoother parking experience.

New Force2K-ISC & Force4K-ISC models feature a number of upgrades to provide a clean, compact & easier to use trailer mover. 



Ball Mounted Stablelock Technology

Parkit360 Force and Transformer dollies are ball-mounted using our quick, safe & secure Stablelock technology. This ensures the 50mm ball grips inside the coupling, providing the user with a solid connection between the Parkit360 & trailer. The coupling does not move around the ball like it does when connected to a vehicle. 

Connecting to trailers/caravans with off-road couplings (eg DO35, Treg Hitch) is no problem – simply use our Frame Adapter   

Compact & Portable

Our rugged, lightweight, compact design allows for easy handling and storage. Weighting around 32kgs, the Force2K-ISC & Force4K-ISC models  are about the same size as a lawnmower. They're small enough to fit into a campers storage compartment, the trunk of a small sedan, or in this case, a Mini Cooper!

Works on Almost Any Terrain

The Parkit360 comes standard with 4" wide tyres (currently upgrade to our range of 6.5" tyres at no extra cost - limited time only). There are three tyre upgrades available where additional traction & stability is required. Moving over grass or gravel, then upgrade to our 6.5" Intermediate or All Terrain Tyres. Turning a big heavy tandem axle trailer or pushing up an incline, then the 6.5" wide track tyres may be more appropriate. Whatever the ground conditions Parkit360 has you covered!

Expertly Crafted in North America

All Parkit360 Trailer Dollies are made with durable, high-quality Canadian (and some imported) parts, and are assembled in North America by our expert staff. Backed by our 2 Year Warranty, you can rest assured knowing your Parkit360 power dolly will always be there when you need it.

Over the past 11 years we have helped thousands of Australian customers  with their trailer parking issue - with over 25,000 sold worldwide!