Force 4K-ISC MOVER (4535KG)

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  • Used to move big, heavy, single & tandem axle caravans & boat trailers
  • Capacity up to 4535kgs & now includes ISC® - Intelligent Speed Control
    • Switch between high (16m/min) & low speed (10m/min) for faster or more precise parking (approx-unloaded)
    • Motor starts & stops gradually for better traction & smoother parking experience
  • New motor is faster, quieter & more powerful!
  • Free wheel/neutral mode - easily move the Parkit360 to position
  • Volt Meter - to measure & display power level of battery
  • Strong, yet lightweight compact design (33kg approx). Removable handle - take anywhere!
  • Two 4" pneumatic rubber tyres (unless upgrading your tyres)          


(Refer to our "Parts" page for additional information)
  • White Battery Box (excluding battery) OR Power Cable (please select from the drop down menu above)
If you wish to power the Parkit360 using the batteries on your caravan, then you will need to order the Power Cable Adapter (instead of the Battery Box). 

  • 50mm Ball Kit OR Frame Adapter (please select from the drop down menu above)

If your caravan has an off-road hitch (eg DO35) or boat trailer has mechanical brakes - you will need our Frame Adapter (instead of the 50mm Ball Kit).


What makes the Force 4K-ISC so effective is the list of available upgrades. This allows us to build a mover to suit your specific requirements - ensuring it works!!

Including: (please select from the drop down menu above)

  1. 6.5" Wide Rims & Tyres (SALE - UPGRADE  AT NO EXTRA COST) - For added stability & traction, upgrade the tyres to our 6.5" Wide Track, Intermediate or All TerrainTyres - depending on your circumstances ("click here" for more information)
  2. Smart Electronic Brake Control Module - As soon as you release the forward/reverse button, the Parkit360 will turn on the trailers electric brakes. Great safety feature if you have electronic brakes on your trailer! ("click here" for more information)