Frame Adapter

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(50mm Ball Kit or Frame Adapter is included at no additional cost with each Force 2K-ISC and Force 4K-ISC purchased)

Use our Frame Adapter (built for Australian trailers) for:

  • Caravans - with off-road coupling/articulated hitches (eg Hyland Hitch, Treg or DO35).
  • Trailers - fitted with cable/hydraulic override brakes (most boat trailers weighing 750kg - 2000kg).

How does it work? 

Attach the both the front & back plates to the trailer chassis using the screws & bolts provided. Position the Parkit360 under the frame adapter, remove the locking pin & drop the heavy duty post into the Parkit360 receiver, then insert locking pin. 

Bracket measures 130(w)x200(h)mm (each plate)

Additional Benefits

• It is a quick and easy connection point from your trailer to the Parkit360.

• When you need more tongue weight