50mm Ball Kit & Frame Adapter


Stablelock technology is used to obtain a solid connection (no movement between the ball and coupling) to allow the Parkit360 to push/pull large trailers with easy.  

How does it work? Lower coupling onto the ball using jockey wheel. Lock into position with trailer latch. Tighten Ball Mount by hand till very tight. Tighten further with tightening bar. 

Note - Frame Adapter must be used (instead of the 50mm Ball Kit) if:

  • Caravan - has an off-road coupling (eg DO35)
  • Boat trailer - is mechanically braked (due to twisting of coupling, causing the Park360 to potentiall rollover onto its side). 


Use our Frame Adapter for:

  • Caravans - with off-road coupling/articulated hitches (eg Hyland Hitch, Treg or DO35).
  • Trailers - fitted with cable/hydraulic override brakes (most boat trailers weighing 750kg - 2000kg).

How does it work? 

Attach both the front & back plates to the trailer chassis using the screws & bolts provided. Position the Parkit360 under the frame adapter, remove the locking pin & drop the heavy duty post into the Parkit360 receiver, then insert locking pin. 

Bracket measures 130(w) x 200(h) mm (each plate)

Additional Benefits

• It is a quick and easy connection point from your trailer to the Parkit360.

• When you need more tongue weight 

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