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6.5" Tyre Upgrades

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The level of traction provided by the tyre(s) plays a critical role in determining whether the mover will successfully push/pull a big heavy trailer, such as a tandem axle caravan or boat trailer.

GRASS & GRAVEL - On surfaces providing less grip eg grass & gravel, you require additional levels of traction.

TANDEM AXLE TRAILERS - More traction is also required when seeking to turn a tandem axle trailer as the mover will be required to skid/slide the four tyres across. 

BALL WEIGHT - As a rough guide you should have 8-10% "ball weight" (ie down force) pressing down onto the tyres. A well balanced trailer is not ideal for traction purposes (some boat trailers are set up this way). The tyres have less grip, as there is less weight pressing down on the tyres. Upgrading the tyres to the 6.5" wide tyres will help.  

We have 3 tyre upgrades available to ensure grip is maximised on both hard (eg concrete, pavers) and softer surfaces (eg grass, gravel).

Furthermore our tyres are pneumatic which allows for the contour of the tyre to adjust over uneven surfaces (eg a 1 inch step up onto a garage slab) for optimal grip, compared to using a solid plastic wheel or tank tracks. 

Finally at 6.5" wide (rim & tyre) they are the widest tyres available on the market, providing for additional support & stability.


6.5" Wide Track Tyres (please select from the drop down menu above)

This is the tyre of choice when operating over predominately hard surfaces eg pavers, bitumen & concrete etc, providing class leading levels of traction and stability. 

This upgrade is also recommended when moving and turning large & heavy Caravans or Boat Trailers, especially on inclines. Tandem axle trailers do not turn easily and the combined 13" of rubber will bite, grip and enable the user to turn a dual axle trailer harder and more aggressively.

You are also able to take some air out of our 6.5" Wide Track Tyres (down from 50-60psi to 30-40psi) for additional drag and therefore traction.

The tyres have a combined load rating of 710kg. Pressure 50-60psi

6.5" Intermediate Tyres (please select from the drop down menu above)

These tyres provide a great balance between maximising traction on solid surfaces (such as bitumen or concrete) and providing additional grip when operating over grass or gravel. A great all rounder!

The tyres have a combined load rating of 440kg. Pressure 22psi (approx)

6.5" All Terrain Tyres (please select from the drop down menu above)

These tyres provide the necessary levels of additional grip required when operating predominately over grass or gravel. 

The wider all-terrain tyres are a softer compound rubber tyre, running a low 18psi of pressure, with aggressive tread blocks, providing for class leading levels of traction and stability over grass/gravel. The large tread blocks are designed to pierce the soft top layer of gravel/grass, and bite into the solid ground below.

The tyres have a combined load rating of 360kg.  Pressure 18psi (approx)