6.5"All Terrain Tyres for your Parkit360 Trailer Mover

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The Parkit360 SD & HD models can be upgraded (at an additional cost) to the wider 6.5" All Terrain tyres.  

These tyres provide the necessary levels of additional grip required when operating over grass or gravel. 

The wider all-terrain tyres are a softer compound rubber tyre with aggressive tread blocks, providing for class leading levels of traction and stability over grass/gravel. The large tread blocks are designed to pierce the soft top layer of gravel/grass, and bite into the solid ground below.

Each tyre has a loading rating of 180kg and at 6.5" wide is the widest tyre available on the market.

Furthermore our tyres are pneumatic allowing the contour of the tyre to adjust over uneven surfaces for optimal grip, compared to using a solid plastic wheel or tank tracks.

Parkit360 Trailer Dolly sold separately