Smart Electronic Brake

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Connecting a 30kg mover to a large heavy trailer can be dangerous, especially if there is an incline or decline to negotiate. Lessen the risk by installing our Smart Electronic Brake Controller.

Our Brake Controller activates the electric brakes on your trailer - a great safety feature! 

(price discounted to $260 when purchasing with either the Force2k-ISC or 4K-ISC)

Simply plug your trailer's wire harness (12 pin flat, 7 pin flat or 7 pin round) into the Parkit360 trailer plug receptacle and our Smart Brake Control operates to automatically apply your trailer brakes as soon as you release the forward/reverse toggle switch on the Parkit360.

Boat Trailers (with standard electrical brakes) & Caravans

  • Will be fitted with either 7 pin round or 7 pin flat (our 7 pin flat trailer plug will fit and work fine on both 7 & 12 pin flat trailer plugs)

Boat Trailers (with electric over hydraulic braking systems)

  • Such systems require additional wiring from the battery to the trailer socket (with in line fuse). May be fitted with either 7 pin or 12 pin flat with modified wiring, with/without Anderson Plug.  There is an additional $50 charge for this installation. Note - the brakes are either turned on or off. You cannot vary the brake pressure. 

Note - the Parkit360 should not be used on steep grades. Please contact us for guidance. 


  • To have this option retrofitted (after the unit has been delivered) we need the unit shipped back to us to have it fitted (shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer)
  • This option only applies to Force2k-ISC or 4K-ISC models

Parkit360 Trailer Dolly sold separately